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On the subject of having Ken Hardison as an attorney coach, I want to say a few things. If you’ve ever read The Ideal Team Player, he is 1. Hungry, 2. Humble, 3. Smart. Just like you want to be, you want your attorneys and team to be, and you want any coach or mentor on your team to be as well. While he doesn’t pretend to have all the answers, he has quite a few of them for you to consider. He has the experience and confidence, and care for your success, that any coach would need to help advise an attorney how to manage and market his or her business better. I have been seeking advice from him for seven years now, and anticipate continuing to do so for years to come. We all had teachers and coaches in school. All good sports stars have coaches. Tyson had D’Amato; Thoreau had Emerson; Plato had Socrates (an analogy only to demonstrate that even the best have coaches). To learn the most that we can, it takes a person on the outside of our little bubble to gently turn our heads to focus on things we had not considered, or – as is often the case with coaching – on ideas we have indeed considered but need to consider more intently. Good coaches tell you often what you already know, but need to have sink in. With trial attorneys, a coach to help manage and market their firm is a substantial boon to better representation of clients, better culture in your firm, and better professional and personal balance/separation/harmony. Ken will do that. Hire him. Unless you’re in my market.

Bert Parnall | Albuquerque, NM

We are so glad that we made the decision to hire Ken Hardison as our leadership coach.  Ken’s immense knowledge and experience in the areas of legal management and marketing are unmatched. Our team is so grateful for all of his outstanding mentoring and strategical advice.  Ken has provided an incredible value to our firm.

Ian Maguire | Myrtle Beach, SC