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Highly successful professionals all over the world benefit from having coaches; Exceptional athletes such as Michael Jordan, Richard Branson and Tiger Woods, and Entrepreneurs like Bill Gates have had mentors and coaches to help them achieve greater success and high-performance results.

Whether you are already experiencing significant law firm growth and want more or if your firm is struggling to grow, an experienced law firm business coach can give you valuable input that sets your firm on a trajectory to greater success.



Is your firm stuck or struggling?

  • Do you lack a clear vision for your firm’s immediate and long-range success?

  • Do you need clarity and precise strategies for achieving your firm’s goals?

  • Are you experiencing inconsistent productivity or high employee/associate turnover?

  • Are you struggling with inconsistent firm cash flow?

  • Are you inundated with law firm “fires” that need your constant attention?

  • Are you hungry to experience more growth, and to fulfill your firm’s full potential?



As your law firm’s owner, it is easy to miss the forest for the trees. You need an objective perspective from someone who is looking at your firm from the outside, to help you see the things you’re missing.


An experienced business coach, who has been in your shoes, and understands the inner workings of a law firm, and the unique struggles and challenges you face as a law firm owner can provide invaluable insights.


An experienced Coach can help you gain fresh clarity, objective perspective, and offer solutions and methods you’ve never considered.

When Choosing a Business Coach…

You owe it to yourself to select someone who has “been there and done that.” It is best to trust someone to coach you who has direct knowledge and experience in the trenches of practicing law and building a successful law firm; Someone that has successfully grown a law firm or law firms and has helped other lawyers go from six to seven figures and from seven figures to eight figures.

Think of it like this:  If you were getting ready to climb Mount Everest and your life depended on it, you would want a guide that had already climbed to the top of Mount Everest several times, and helped others do the same, wouldn’t you?  When the stakes are high, you don’t want a guide who has never been where you are trying to go. 

The same rationale apples to building and scaling a successful law firm. Choose an experienced business coach, who has been where you are trying to go, and helped others do the same.  They know the pitfalls.  They know the dangers and they are in the best position to guide you in your journey to greater law firm growth and success. 

Choosing an experienced business coach to help you move your firm forward is an important and exciting step- Make sure that the business coach you choose has the necessary expertise, and that they are a good fit for you and your law firm, as you will work closely with them and will need to build a relationship of trust and mutual respect.

I want to encourage you to make this your year for putting aside the excuses that are standing in the way of your ability to create the law firm that works for you.  Don’t let excuses, doubts, or analysis paralysis keep you from making your dreams and desires a reality. Nothing changes unless or until you take action. And not just frenzied reactionary action. I mean strategic intentional action designed to help you move from where you are to where you want your law firm to be.
You have the capability to meet and even exceed your dreams of what you’d hoped your law firm might become one day. Law Firm Growth begins with your vision and mindset, and is fueled by taking strategic action, step by step, each day, and each week. If you are feeling stuck, frustrated, or struggling with obstacles impeding your ability to push your firm forward, then reach out to me. There’s a good chance I’ve been right where you are, and if I haven’t I’ve probably mentored a lawyer who has. Together, we will find the solutions you need to push through the obstacles standing in your way. 

Ken Hardison and his team have done a tremendous job in helping my firm with revenue growth and internal structuring. Bringing his team on has truly been a game changer when it comes to working smarter rather than harder.  Whether it be marketing analysis to HR concerns and issues Ken continues to guide us in the most efficient way possible.  I look forward to continuing to work with Ken and utilize the tools he has provided my firm for future success.  

David Aylor | Charleston, SC

Working with Ken Hardison as a business coach has been the secret sauce for our firm’s success. Ken’s perspective and advice is invaluable to our firm’s growth. He calls them like he sees them. He doesn’t hold back in his critiques because he wants to see us get better. He works with our firm just like it was his own firm and is personally invested in seeing that we improve. Having Ken as a coach gives us the accountability we need to stay focused and take action to improve our firm. The first year we worked with Ken, he helped us overhaul our organizational structure and to commit funds to new marketing. After our second year, our gross revenue increased by 60% and our signups increased 110%! We are excited to see what the third year brings.

Eric Stevenson | Penascola, FL




A business coach will enable you to see your potential so you can leverage your talents and abilities.  We call these unique strengths.  You want to leverage your unique strengths and delegate your weaknesses.  Even when we know what to do, we often fail to implement our goals and objectives. We all do better when we have to answer to someone for our actions or inaction.  If you start to get sidetracked, a good coach will make sure you follow through on what you said you would do.  They will keep you focused and disciplined so you can reach your goals.



As a businessowner, it’s easy to become overwhelmed by your day-to-day tasks.  With a business coach you’ll get the structure and organization necessary to run your law firm like a well-oiled machine.  You should be able to take 30 to 60 days off from your law firm, and the cases and income should continue to flow.  A coach can help you implement and maintain systems and an infrastructure for success.  They will provide you with effective time management plans as well as tips and strategies to enhance your performance based on your work style and personality. 


Unbiased Insight

With a business coach, you gain unbiased constructive criticism.  Although many people in your life have opinions as to what you should do or not do, oftentimes their opinions are biased. Your staff, friends, family members or even vendors are apt to have their own biases that cloud their opinions.  A business coach will be able to offer you unbiased and honest insights that other people in your circle cannot or may not be able to provide.  Far too often your staff and managers are “Yes” people, who cannot give you the honest truth.  An experienced business coach will have an unbiased opinion and be able to tell you when something is not a great idea.


Attainable Goals

Your coach will help you visualize your goals and gain a clear vision of where you want to be three to five years from now.  They will not only make sure your goals are smart and realistic, but they will also come up with a goal setting plan to help you execute them.  Whether it’s evaluating your schedule, prioritizing your tasks, or helping you manage your time more efficiently, they will provide invaluable perspective to help you achieve greater success.   


Marketing Ideas

Every highly successful law firm needs a robust Marketing Plan. A business coach will help you create an easy to implement marketing plan with specific strategies you will be able to implement. You will learn how to attract new leads and how to create a pipeline of steady new cases coming into your office. 


A Fresh Perspective

When you’re too far in the weeds of your business, it can be easy to overlook the obvious.  The fresh perspective of a business coach can help you identify problems and solutions that you cannot see or would have never thought of.



If your business has hit a plateau in income, an experienced business coach who has been in your shoes and helped other law firm owners to 8 figure success, can take your business to the next level by assisting in creating a strategic business boosting plan.  They will help you sort and qualify your database so that you can clearly determine how best to generate the kinds of leads and efficiencies that result in substantial growth. 


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